Polio Virus Immune Status


Our cutting-edge diagnostic tool is tailored to identify and quantify neutralizing antibodies against Poliovirus Types 1 and 3, offering invaluable insights into immunity and vaccination effectiveness.

Poliovirus, a highly contagious and potentially paralyzing infection, demands precise and timely diagnosis. Our Poliovirus Antibodies, Neutralization test provides a comprehensive assessment of the immune system’s response, allowing healthcare professionals to gauge an individual’s defense against these specific Poliovirus types.

Powered by state-of-the-art technology, we employ advanced laboratory techniques to detect and measure these neutralizing antibodies. They act as the body’s defense, preventing the virus from entering and infecting cells. By quantifying these antibodies,
our test delivers a quantitative evaluation of the individual’s immune response and their level of protection against Poliovirus Types 1 and 3

This test is indispensable for monitoring vaccine efficacy and assessing the necessity for additional doses. It’s especially valuable for individuals who have received oral polio vaccines (OPV) or inactivated polio vaccines (IPV), as well as those at risk due to travel or other factors.

Our test excels in three key areas. Firstly, it provides accurate and reliable results, facilitating informed decisions for patient care and public health interventions. Secondly, it offers a convenient and efficient means of assessing immunity against Poliovirus Types 1 and 3, reducing complexity and time. Lastly, it supports global polio eradication efforts by enhancing surveillance and identifying areas requiring vaccination campaigns.

When it comes to health and safety, precision and reliability are paramount. Our Poliovirus Antibodies (Types 1, 3) Neutralization test equips healthcare professionals with the insights needed to protect individuals and communities from the impacts of poliovirus. Join us in the battle against polio with this groundbreaking diagnostic tool.

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